New Report !Lab researchers fell ill in November 2019 is it reason for outbreak in wuhan ? what china told about it ?

The outbreak of SARs-CoV 2 corona virus is still in investigation we all knew about it but now the new report from wall street journal (wsj) state that some researchers of Wuhan institute of virology fell ill in November 2019 just like symptoms of covid or like simple climate illness before the out break of covid19 .

Report says that this all happen before the virus start to circulate in Wuhan and  chinese city but there is no proper information about employees medical reports. In jan Trump government also reported about the illness of the wuhan researcher but they can't put forward the proof for any hospitalized cases .

This new news will increase and speed up the investigation to find the origin of coronavirus as soon as possible ,this also put forward the chance that virus is escaped from lab by means of human interaction.Health officials also expressed their concern about the number of lab staff who where sick and the time of their illness period as the first case of covid19 in China Wuhan is reported on 8th dec 2019, according to news.

WHO (world health organization) also visited china wuhan to study about the outbreak of coronavirus but later they said that they didn't find proper details.
Some official who visited wuhan later said that chinese authority is not ready to give them the raw data about anything as the given data to them is examined properly before given to them.

Another official also said that when they ask the authority to check the waste water, dated before the dec 2019, the government informed them that they have disposed that already. So the officials says without the proper raw data they are less effective in judge the main reason of covid19 outbreak.

China reply about the report about ill researchers

Yuhan zhiming(Director of Institute Wahab National Biosafety Laboratory) says that the report published was a complete lie.
He said that the lab itself is not aware of the news about sick researchers in nov 2019 and he also mentioned where did all this fake news come from.By this chinese authority strongly opposed the report is utter blender and they are not at all aware of it .

What is your opinion about it ? Is chinese government is trying to hide something from world ?? 

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