Reasons for lakshadweep protest campaign ! what are the new scheme administrator Praful Patel come forward with ?

 What is the problem of Lakshadweep ?

There is a large dispute and opposition again new government laws from there. Protests are intensifying against the actions of Lakshadweep Administrator Praful Patel. Many people from different regions are coming to support the people of Lakshadweep. The Save Lakshadweep campaign is being actively discussed on social media.many actors and actress like prithviraj,salim kumar,remakalingal etc came forward with their post in social media. The people asked the administrator to resign as today there is news about 4 people get arrested also.All this new schemes and law introduce as a part of tourism development as the central government says.

These are the new scheme the administrator and government come forward with:-

* Under the guise of the Coast Guard Act, all the sheds of the fish workers were demolished.
*190 employees were sacked from the tourism department for no reason.
*Excludes all local temporary employees from government employees ..
Anganwadis closed.
*Usage of liquor also will be introduced in more hotels.
*Beef is the staple food of Lakshadweep .
*There was fish and meet in the afternoon in schools.
*Beef and killing of cow came with a ban.
* Beef was omitted from the school lunch menu.
* Dairy farms ordered to close ..
*The law stipulates that candidates in panchayat elections may not have more than 2 children
*Deprivation of power in the areas of Education, Health, Agriculture, Fisheries and Animal Husbandry, which were the powers of the District Panchayat.
*All anti-CAA / NRC posters were removed from Lakshadweep and freedom of expression was suppressed.
*The goonda act was unnecessarily enforced in Lakshadweep, a model area where not a single criminal was found and prisons and police stations were all vacant.
*Lakshadweep began to sever ties with Beypore port in Kerala, which had the longest connection, and to force the whole of Mangalore to become a freight port from now on.
*Dictatorship by wiping out the islanders from the administrative system.
*Action to abolish islanders' right to land in Lakshadweep through LDAR.
*Marine Wildlife Watchers released for non-existent reasons during this epidemic
*Also propose to widen the road this may lead to loose homes for people of lakshadweep.

This laws government introduce will  interference in the food freedom of Lakshadweep people. Lakshadweep has the lowest crime rate in India. There only have some theft like incident only ,so why goverment introduce gunda act ?

What are your view ? The government says that this all new scheme introduced mainly focus the tourism development! Is it a good development criteria ?What does it mean in the process of making people suffer?  

Comment your thoughts about it .


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