5th largest ocean Found, Is it time for start over, Should we go back to school?

The announcement was made by the National Geographic Society that The Southern Ocean in Antarctica is now the fifth largest ocean in the world.Should we all start over with our studies again from schools

The National Geographic Society is the main sourcer for the information about many maps around the world, so this announcement is going to make a big difference in world of geography. According to National Geographic, the southern ocean is the part of Antarctica that contains water at 60 degrees latitude.

The area has long been identified as an ocean by many scientists and scientific institutes, and should now be referred to as the ocean, says Alex Tait, a geologist at National Geographic. But Alex Tait says the oceans are still officially four because of the need for various international recognitions and to make it official need to clarify . 

The Arctic, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans have been on the world map so far. The new announcement shows the way to change this fact and introduce the 5th ocean. Meanwhile, the American Board of Geographical Names already uses the name Southern Ocean. But using this name for National Geographic could make a big difference.

Officially, the demarcation of the Southern Ocean may be discussed internationally. But Alex Tait says the announcement will make a big difference in education, beyond officially calling it the Southern Ocean. Geology students are sometimes introduced to the concept of an 'interconnected' ocean while studying ordinary oceans.

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