June 2nd International sex workers day 2021 . Covid19 effect their life too! Exploitations , discriminated and criminalized

Why june 2nd as international sex workers day ?

On June 2nd of 1975 more than 100 sex workers in Lyon gathered around Saint Nizier Church to protest against their explotation criminalized status of them and for good working condition , as they are treated inhumanly by police and government and work without their willingly, they put forward a strike against their condition. This strike go on for about 8 days and police cleared that place after that.This event is said to be the starting point of movement for sex workers right around the world and against the discrimination and criminalized of their work.

Around 43 million sex workers around world

If you live in a country where sex working is criminal offence then please stop.some also do sexworking with their choice too. They too have right just like any other workers.

Main problems faced by sexworkers

1.They are the group that is exposed to insecurities.
2.They are discriminated,criminalized and Exploited
3.They always face verbal attack from society, family and community.
5.If they attacked by anybody , no one is there to aid them and protect them
6.Unsafe during work also as some may molest them and force to do the things they are refused to do like sex without condom, forced tied up sex etc 
7.Police also attack them and arrest them in name of sex traffic and exploit the law as no protection for the feeling of sex workers.
8.They getting denied for basic treatment as a human being and also have denied treatment like Hiv/Aids .

Covid effect their life

Covid effect every workers and business worldwide, so many lost their jobs and struggling to meet their daily needs . Everybody in search of new job and opportunity. What will be the condition of sex workers ? They almost lost every customer and they are the most effected people , as they can't get any other proper job and nobody is ready to pay for them although it's charity or government .

We know that always the law and police that help to protect the people who going through any rape or exploitations. Think now what will a place don't have a proper law to protect the sex workers?

The report of any attack to police will lead to further exploitations. Some police officers also take advantage of their position and make use as they don't pay for what they are upto.

Some law may judge with a point "prostitute can't be raped" when they are used forcibly/rape.so they are always be in shade of marginalized don't have value for their feeling

Why they opt sex work ?

Some people opt sex work as their choice , some family condition and some are forced to do it.

Paul cakes(sex worker) said "we all are born into society of sex workers ,some time that matters is you want to choose whether make money out of it ,it's all depends on ur decision".

Kajal varma(sex worker) said " i found a perfect job that offer continent working hours and great money". She also said we will be our bose and we can decide what to do also. I opted for this profession by my choice itself.society is very judgemental to others , if a boy and girl go on blind date and end up having sex that fine, but what if a guy paying the girl for sex then it is illegal trafficking.society is very judgemental to others.
"You guys sell your brain and we sell our body for living"

Society vs sex workers !

Society always try to criminalized and discriminate them for the system. Society judge people by their profession , A engineer, a doctor, ias all are considered as high profile and a person doing painting , daily wages or all other is considered as low profile.

A girl staying at home is considered as a ideal girl and a girl will come to home late always surround with some gossips.There is always made a time and idealized manners for girls life.

What are sex workers view about legalizing it ?

Some are afraid of legalizing this work as they say government will always there for collecting tax for their work and although the tax will not save them from exploitation, that will continue .

They also said that some may utilize this law to seduce others and trap them.so there will be a group to exploit that freedom too.

Sex workers into this without their choice

1.Aisha praveen, pakistan
  She has been kidnapped at the age of 14 years after that she has been tourchered physically and mentally about 6 years ,they kept her naked to sleep and drag her to do the work. She resisted long but they drug her and do it.

2.Meena, India
  She has been kidnapped when she was 12 years old and forced to do it.She used to resist also until she was also made to consume drug and raped.she also then gave up.

3.Marnela Badea, Romania
  She was a victim of father son sex trafficking team , she was also tourchered, given less money and given drugs .

Legal aspect of sexwork

Legal aspect is that The law is vague on prostitution itself. Mainly law dealing with the status of sex workers is the 1956 law referred to as The Immoral Traffic (Suppression) Act (SITA). According to this law, prostitutes can trade privately but cannot legally trade with customers in public.

To know more about laws in india click here


So what you think after 46 years of that movement , the violence against the sex workers decrease ? Are they safe ? Are they discriminate criminalized exploited too ??

Comment your view about it below

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