Niti Ayog SDG index 2020 are out ! 8 reason why kerala gained top again.

Niti ayog SDG(sustainable development goal) Index are out 2020-21. Kerala became top again, the SDG index of kerala is 75 and the second place share between Himachal and Tamilnadu by 74.The worst indexed state is Bihar with 52 and Jharkand with 56.

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Why kerala said to be best state in india ?

1.Highest life Expectancy

Kerala has very good life expectancy as compared with whole nation
Kerala over all life expectancy =74.9year
72 for men and 77.8 for female
1.Lower infant mortality rate.
2.Better life style(Education and Health)
3.High awareness and literacy
4.Primary health care is available in 5 to   10 km radium (Primary health center and   Anganawadi schemes)
5.Efficient Public distribution system.

2.Highest no of international Airport in a state.

Kerala is a state have 4 international airport .
a) Trivandrum b) Kochi c) Kozhikode d) kannur.
1.So many malayalees live in foreign country (we can find a malayala any where in globe)
2.Highest No of migration to Gulf countries.

"Kerala is the first state to report covid19 case -this is one of the reason for that"

3.Best Sex Ratio

Sex ratio as per women/men=1080/1000 .
Which is higher than that of national average 940/1000 ie, 60 women less for every 1000 men in india.
The northern district of kerala that is kannur has the highest female Sex Ratio as 1136/1000.
1. Matriarchal society
2.Highest literacy rate.
3.Social scheme and work by district   authority
4.Lower female infant killing.
5.High life expectancy
6.Lower maternal mortality rate
7.High male migration rate.

4.Highest Media Exposure.

Every people in kerala are getting exposure to media .Male in kerala have exposure about 99% and females have 97% which is far above national average of 86% for male and 75% for female.
1.Higher level of urbanization
2.Highest per capita income
3.Highest literacy rate
4.Strong vernacular influence.
6.Media give more exposure on relevant   information.

5.Lowest corruption state.

According to the Transparency International kerala is the least correpted state ,where only 10 % of respondents had to give bribe to goverment servant.

Rajasthan have more people giving bribe ie,78% of respondents agreed they given bribe to govt officials.
1.Vigilant media
2.Reporting are made often
3.High literacy rate
4.No big industries (but that can consider as drawback too)
5.Anti corruption index

6.Highest no of Hospital and Hospital Delivery's. 

We all know how kerala deal with covid19 and how their medical infrastructure are.
In both urban and rural area kerala have 99.9% of hospital delivery and good hospital .
Second place goes to Tamilnadu with 99.2% in urban area and 98.7% in rural area.
1.Primary health centers available around 5 to 10 kms 
2.High literacy rate
3.Mainly focused on education and health.

7.Best Niti ayog health index 

Kerala in top position
1.Low neonatal mortality rate
2.No low proportion on birth among newborns
3.Better immunization coverage
4.High no of cardiac care center

8.Highest literacy rate

Kerala is the top with highest literacy rate in whole country . 
1.Good infrastructure
2.So many good schems that support 
3.Inspection in schools are carried out to check the quality of education

Kerala also famous for tourism as it have wildlife , backwaters, Mountain destination etc.. so many foreigners also now choosing kerala for their Holiday trips.

So we can hope that every state in india should improve in all index and hope to see india a better place to live.

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